25 February, 2008

Oscar Meh Carpet

It seems forever since we last posted on here, but last night's Oscar fashion has brought us out of hibernation.

Firstly: it was all a little dull. Too much black, navy, neutrals, strapless, fishtail, one shoulder blahblahblah. Where were all the jewel tones? And even I was bored of red by the end of it (which clashed with the "Merlot" carpet according to Seacrest, which is possibly the gayest thing ever uttered on prime time).

Talking of Ryan, I find it uncomfortable - nay, gruesome - when he calls the women celebrities "darling". It's too familiar to sit right with the tone of the show, but (surprisingly) not camp enough to carry it off, Mizrahi style.

Perhaps my biggest fashion horrors of the night were the dresses worn by Cameron Diaz and Renee Zellweger. I know US TV has been flooded with repeats over the writers' strike, but did they have to extend it to fashion reruns too?

I am so over Renee's cut & paste red carpet looks. Carolina Herrera, check. Strapless, check. Boring colour, check. Remember the glory days of that vintage yellow dress she wore? Sigh.... And Cameron wore the same silhouette dress as last year only in pale pink (shock) not white. This year I think she forgot to put on lipstick as well.